The Good, The Bad and The Horny

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Eye Candy Of The Day!

I seriously don't care who this is but I want to climb all over him. Sexy pictures that titillate or excite are so easy to find on the internet. There is something about jeans and no shirt!  The hand inserted in the fly and the fingers under the waist band are super hot!

When I was a teen, I remember that feeling of putting your fingers in your boyfriend's waist and feeling just the tip of his penis, his pre-cum moistening up his underwear and the dry humping that would ensue afterwards. Ummm...that was fun! Good memories! 

My first time and was in the back of a car. It was with my boyfriend of 1.5 years (it was his first time too). I was a month away from my 18th birthday.  It was extremely uncomfortable and I don't remember why we chose that particular moment to "Do It" but I remember the stick shift was in the way and we never really got comfortable. Fortunately it was quick.

Do you remember your first time?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sexy Heels

I am not really one to rock the heels. Mostly it is because I have a bad back, bad knees (probably from too much praying!) but I do love the look of heels.

As a petite chick heels were a big part of my youth. I am 4'11" and if I didn't wear heels I came up to most folk's navels.

Maybe it is time to revisit the heel. They always make you feel sexy and make your legs look shapely and give an overall thinner appearance. Perhaps some sexy heels should be on my next shopping list.

Anyone into heels? Should a woman wear bother wearing them to bed or are guys totally disinterested in the heel thing?

Do you find ankle bracelets sexy?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Good Tongue Lashing

Last night I got the tongue lashing of my life. It was late, I was tired. The husband offered. I said, "Ok"! Really, who would turn down a tongue lashing?

It was one of those where your toes stay curled for the duration. I remember telling him that I probably wouldn't be able to cum because I was so tired. I ended up eating my words and he eat a lot more than words.

It was amazing and so worth losing a few minutes of sleep over.

Is there really anything better than really good pussy eating? I think not my friends!!

BTW...on a side note: I know this animation of Gene is pretty bad. It is actually horrible but that tongue! Just imagine the things this guy can do with that thing!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm Back

Loads of sex the past few days so I actually had no time to write.

Headed out to watch a friends band over the weekend. No one worth giving any time to. This is what happens in a small, white trash town I guess. but the husband was so excited when I got home we ended up having quiet, don't disturb the niece sleeping on the couch sex.  It is weird when family sleeps over especially when they are old enough to know what sex is all about. She chooses to think that has never happened and the kids were delivered via stork.

I am thinking that more time spent hanging out will actual get me more sex. Dressing to go to a bar and watch a band, wearing more makeup than usual, doing my hair, will actually get my husband more excited, hence more attention paid to my pussy. Only took me 18 years to figure it out.

Thankfully we have always had sex. My friends all know that sex is something I will not do without which is why I had a drawer filled with things to make me cum at any time of the day. It is crazy to know how many of my friends don't miss sex, don't want sex or "I don't care if I never have it again for the rest of my life."  Sex is important to most relationships but never more important than when you aren't getting it! 

I know I am not the norm when it comes to females. I NEED it. But men on the other hand, think about it every 3 minutes. If your man is not getting sex from you, know that he will or is thinking about getting it from someone. Which is probably why I know 4 people going through separations or divorces this year. 

So, the moral of this story is....
Families that have Sex Together, Stay Together.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

One Night Stand Fantasy

He took a lazy drag from his cigarette and leaned against the pillow. The smell of stale beer and nicotine lingered in the air as she grabbed for her pants which where laying on the floor where she had taken them off. They met last night at a bar on the East Side.

She wandered in about 9:00 p.m. dressed to thrill and looking for a good time. She spotted him right away playing pool. He was exactly the type she was looking for. Tight jeans, T-Shirt, Tats and full of swagger. He didn't appear to be with anyone so she ordered a beer and sat near the pool table.

He came closer to get his shot and eyed her before saying "excuse me". He leaned in about a millimeter next to her and put the ball in the pocket. She took a swig while watching him. He moved but looked back at her. Perfect the cat and mouse game was underway well ahead of schedule.

He cleared the table and put his pool cue against the wall, making his way to the bar. He was hot! She could tell by the way he moved that sex with him would be just the thing to get her through the night. Sex was like a drug. She needed it! Wanted it! And damn it, tonight if she played her cards right, she would get it. She smiled as she noticed him walking back to her holding two beers.

"What's your name?" He asked handing her the beer.
"Angel, I  know it sounds fake but I promise you, it's real." she tells him before taking a swig.
"Thanks for the beer." By the way, she says touching her bottle to his.

Standing in front of  her, he touches his bottle to her leg, "you live close by? I've never seen you here before."

"Nope, just passing by"  she says watching his eyes. "Do you live close by?"

He licks his lips and says, "yeah."  He takes her hand and pulls her into a standing position.

She leans her head against his chest and feels his body crushing against hers, his beer bottle against her back. They drain the rest of their bottles, place them on the bar and head out the door.

Walking hand in hand they hit the street as he swings her around so her back is against the wall.  He holds her hands above her head and kisses her hard and deep. The hardness of the wall and the hardness of his cock make her weak.

His kisses are wet and hard, releasing her hands he puts them on her hips and grinds into her. She has her fingers on his belt hoops as he releases her mouth.

Taking her hand he leads her to an apartment building. He opens the door and pulls her in behind him. They head into the elevator and he gets her in the corner, crushing against her and turning her head up for more deep, kissing. His tongue dances with hers as she craves more. His cock is pressed against her and she feels the breath catch in his throat.

The elevator door opens and they step out. He leads her to his door and opens the lock stepping in. Putting his keys on the table he grabs two beers from the refrigerator. She doesn't want to talk, she wants to fuck and she wants to fuck now.

He walks toward her with the beer holding it out for her. She is looking for the bedroom, she spots it and makes her way down the hall. He follows and she takes the beer. She sits on the end of the bed and reaches for him as he takes a long, hard swig from his bottle.

She takes a swig and puts the beer down on the floor. Opening his button and unzipping his pants she releases his penis, sliding his pants down to his hips.

With beer in her mouth she takes his cock into it letting the beer wash over it. She loves sucking cock and knowing how little control men have when they are getting their cock sucked.

He drinks again and leans over putting his beer down. He plays with her tits through her shirt as she sucks his cock.  His hands are on her hair and he is pumping her mouth. The last thing she wants is to waste a good fuck on a blow job! He better not come until he fucks her hard and good. She repositions and pulls his pants further down as he leans down to undo her shirt buttons.

She releases him from her mouth and says, "fuck me."

Not having to ask him twice, he removes his pants as she is already stepping out of hers. He picks her up takes them to the center of the bed. Placing her down and removing her underwear he moves further down. She feels his breath on her thigh and anticipates his next move. He is going to kiss his way back to her neatly shaved pussy. He does!

She feels his tongue on her clit and his lips as he sucks her into his mouth. The wetness and coolness of his mouth on her makes her want him even more. He licks her clit for 4 minutes, normally she would want this but what she wants right now is to be fucked. To feel a man lying on top of her, taking charge of her body and mind and really fucking her.

She reaches down and pulls his face up to hers. He kisses her. She says, "Fuck me, hard!"

He reaches down and she feels his cock entering her. The head of it slips in from the wetness of him and her and then he is fully inside her. She throws her legs around him and pulls him in deeper. "Fuck me!"

Pulling himself up on his arms he flips her over. She is on all fours and feels him bury himself back inside her. Ahhhh...the feeling of being completely and utterly rammed by a man makes her weak. The feeling of his cock inside her, his breath in her hair, his arms on either side of her and herself completely vulnerable make her cum. She rocks back and forth with him, loving his strength and endurance. He finally cums and lays against her. Her arms get tired and she slowly lowers them both to the bed. He rolls off her and reaches for his beer.

They fuck three more times before the morning. When he wakes he rolls over and tries to kiss her but she is already reaching for her pants. "Can I call you?" He asks her as she grabs her bag.

"Nah" she says making her way to the door "but maybe we will run into each other again." she tells him before shutting his apartment door. Already knowing that tomorrow she will go to a different bar, meet a different guy and end up in a different apartment saying the same thing.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Double Standards?

Why is it that I found this....

so repulsive?

But this....

So Hot!!!!

I think seeing some old geezer, on a young, vibrant hot chick is repulsive. Is anyone getting turned on by this?

However, the Moms and Young Boy sites, are smoking especially when Mom is surrounded by a bunch of young studs.

Is it wrong for me to have this double standard?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pieces of Me

So, I turned 44 and while I am not feeling old, I am feeling tired. The hub and I were trying to get it on but it is hard with kids in the house during the day.

So, feeling sexy after rubbing against him for a while, I stepped into the bathroom to snap some quick pics. He is taking a nap for now, hopefully tonight, we can finish what we started.

My desire for tonight is loads of clitoral play and possible vibrator while he is inside me. I love using one when we have sex so I can cum hard.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Neighbor and the Pool Fantasy

This weekend while watching my neighbor clean his pool all alone I couldn't help but play a little scenario in my head.

I make my way through my back yard, the fence separating our yards disappears. He is finally relaxing after spending an hour cleaning the pool. His eyes are closed. I make my way up the ladder and stand at the top. His eyes slowly open and he says, "I was wondering when you were coming over." His finger makes the come here gesture and I slowly get into the pool. The water is cool and my nipples respond. Pert and erect under my shirt. We walk toward each other.

"Where is your wife?" I ask
"Away" he responds and I see his eyes fix on my nipples.

"Where is your husband?" he asks.
"Away" I say. Hoping that he is at least watching through the window.

His eyes are on my nipples.

"Go ahead, I know you want to touch me." I tell him.

His hand moves out of the water and drips wetness all over my puckered nipple as he places his palm on my entire breast. Then he gives my nipple a squeeze and I close my eyes. Another's hand on my breast after over 18 years is strange, titillating and at the same time exciting.

I catch my breath and bring my hand up to trace his red neck barbwire tat. Not as cool as my husband's but I love inked skin.

We barely look at each other as he moves closer. The heat of his body feels amazing in the cold water. His cock presses against my stomach as he moves closer to my body. Wrapping an arm around my back to pull me tighter against him our bodies mold together.

Cold breasts against his wet chest start to warm up. One of his hands is on my waist while the other on a breast.

I move my hand under the water and loosen his trunk string, just enough to reach in. His cock is waiting for me. I notice the tip just under his waist band and I reach in, taking a hand full. My fingers are wrapped around his cock and his breath catches in the back of his throat.

He lifts me and I wrap my legs around his waist. We move toward the ladder. He turns me around and moves my shorts to the side. I grab the ladder with both hands as I feel him rubbing against me. He slides his shorts down and slides easily inside me. His cock feels foreign, different, but it feels so good that I start moving with him.

With one hand on my waist he slowly slides his cock in and out of my pussy. His finger rubs my clit and I feel his mouth on the back of my neck.

We don't speak at all, no moans, no talking, barely a sound other than the water lapping at our naked bodies and the whirring of the pool filter.

His breathing becomes faster and he holds me hard as he cums inside me. I reach down and adjust my shorts, never looking back I walk up the ladder and out of the pool. As I get to my yard I call over my shoulder, "next time it's my turn" and walk back toward my house.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's Me, Well Just Parts of Me Anyway

H from Hands In My Pants And Other Lustful Desires mentioned that I should post some pictures of myself...Well H, this may not be what you had in mind but I believe in making them wait/beg/whine/lust/want/fantasize before going full Monty. Besides, as a newbie to this whole adult world of blogs I am not sure if I know what I am doing. I need a little hand holding and cuddling so I know the waters are safe.

So, if anyone reading has any suggestions to coax this newbie into the water, I am open to hear any and all.

Well, I digress, it's just parts of me...but this is me.
Click to make it bigger

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Can I Get Turned On By Surfing?

In a quest to be brutally honest and candid in the blog world I must admit I am not feeling particularly horny right now. Not feeling well so lets do this together. Let's see if I can find pictures or such right now, to get me in the mood.

Ok..bear with me while I surf in real time "post time" for a moment.

Nope...not quite what I was looking for but fun nonetheless

Oh this is hot! The kiss, the surf, the strong sexy arms, his hand on her waist....nice. is semi hot but seriously, is she getting off on his pant leg? If you have a perfectly good guy available for sex, I don't understand wasting time by leaving a snail trail on his jeans. Pull that shit down and get to sucking bitch.

Well now...hey, hey...if my mailman looked like this, I would max out all my cards ordering crap I don't need online just so he would make a delivery every day....btw...I do mean delivery.

Just watched a little free porn on Porn Hub and believe me, it does the trick.

What have you found to turn you on while online? Feel like sharing?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Slam Me Sunday - Week 2

I am hopeful that others will join me and tell me how you want it....
Last week I started Slam Me Sunday like this....

Ok, yet another meme!

I don't know if it will last but I want to know how you like it. Do you like it rough, gentle, more than one. How do you want to be slammed? If you are the slammer; how would you give it to me right now?

How do I want it at the moment?

I want to be lying on my stomach while you slip inside me from behind, moving nice and slow....feeling the weight of you on my back.

Something like that only, we would both be laying down flat. Barely any weight support. My legs are firmly together and you slide in between my tight pussy. 

Now, it is your turn. How do you like it? Link back to me so I can find you.

Sexy Saturday - Week 2

So I am a day late on my Sexy Saturday meme.

Come on over and tell me what you find sexy today. Or maybe you just want to post a sexy picture of yourself. Whatever you choose be sure to link up so I can find you, visit and comment.

Hope to see you soon.


Today sexy is

This picture

and this picture


Going completely commando and no one knows but me.

I Bet This Guy Knows How to Eat Pussy!

This guy, not so much!