The Good, The Bad and The Horny

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pieces of Me

So, I turned 44 and while I am not feeling old, I am feeling tired. The hub and I were trying to get it on but it is hard with kids in the house during the day.

So, feeling sexy after rubbing against him for a while, I stepped into the bathroom to snap some quick pics. He is taking a nap for now, hopefully tonight, we can finish what we started.

My desire for tonight is loads of clitoral play and possible vibrator while he is inside me. I love using one when we have sex so I can cum hard.


  1. Nothing wrong with getting older.
    Sounds like you are having your fun .

  2. Very very nice pics! Great rack sexy! C-Man

  3. Thanks C-Man! I appreciate it the kind words. Sexy rack makes my night.

  4. I bet that your hotter now than you were at 20, at least your pics tell me that.

    Plus in your 40's you know your body better, know what you need, have more confidence and your in your sexual prime.

    your now delish, yum