The Good, The Bad and The Horny

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snow Day in March = No Time To Masturbate

Snow days means the kids are home from school which leaves me no time to play. I was in a meeting yesterday so no time to masturbate, last night husband didn't wake me when he came to bed, and kids home today, so no time to masturbate. I usually play 4 times a week and this week, haven't yet. Today, I had to get on the treadmill to get out some of my pent up energy. Being a firm believer in the benefits of orgasms, four days without one actually pisses me off.

The benefits or Orgasms according to Angel:
Orgasms release endorphins
Relieve stress
Is good for your heart and blood flow
It's good for your skin
Releases toxins
Releases DHEA which improves brain function and is good for your metabolism
Oestrogen is released in a woman helps to lower bad cholesterol

If these reasons aren't enough, how about the fact that cumming feels good!

So, while I didn't masturbate today, I did the treadmill, talked to friends, and read a romance novel, I am a book reviewer and while it isn't erotica, it's OK.

Curled up on the couch with the blanket and book and read while the kids played. Not a bad way to spend the day!

How was your day? Did you have snow?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Started The Process of Looking for Our Match!

So, the other day my husband and I were having the talk about his birthday wish. We talked and I put the plan in his hands.

I think it is sweet that in his eyes I am sooooo hot that I have men throwing themselves at my feet. This is rarely the case. My days are spent in a little town, waiting for my children to come home from school. Barely any men cross my path and the ones that do are missing teeth, have humongous beer bellies are both. Even if hot, testosterone filled males were to cross my path, I wouldn't even notice. Sad but true.  The only hot thing around here is my husband and a sweet could-get-me-arrested, young kid who does my lawn in the summer. He is total hotness but because he is soooo young my thoughts of him are pure. I would probably feed him milk and cookies in lieu of my breasts on a plate.

We now have a profile on one of those matching sites. It is fun to read his disclaimer about what we are looking for. He said there are so many rules that he doubts anyone will bite. Mostly we are looking for someone to provide a service. We are not looking to be their friend, hear their issues or deal with nonsense.

It is fun to read who has commented or who is "winking" at us.

So, only time will tell. It will take time to pull the weeds and find our bloom but we have been talking for 14 years what's a few months?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

How Does One Make "the" Move?

So...on my last post I talked about my husband's birthday present request. As someone who has been out of the dating, flirting pool for a very long time, how does one make the move? Do you act coy? Do you act flirty? What the hell is flirty anyway?

The question is..
How the hell DOES Angel get her groove back?

What would turn you on?

How do I proceed?