The Good, The Bad and The Horny

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Double Standards?

Why is it that I found this....

so repulsive?

But this....

So Hot!!!!

I think seeing some old geezer, on a young, vibrant hot chick is repulsive. Is anyone getting turned on by this?

However, the Moms and Young Boy sites, are smoking especially when Mom is surrounded by a bunch of young studs.

Is it wrong for me to have this double standard?


  1. The first picture is a bit creepy.
    But the last picture is Hot!

  2. The first pic is the opposite of you, you can't be the young chick nor would you want an old dude.

    The other pics fit you exactly and yes the last pic turn me on, the first one makes me want to run away

  3. Old man balls are nasty...although I will be there one day. I wonder if they have ball sack lifts (ala face lifts)?