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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Talk Dirty To Me - How To Talk Sexy 101

I would love to learn the art of talking sexy and not feel foolish doing it. In a perfect world I would say more dirty, sexy, talk and less things like:

"Oh yeah baby"
"Fuck me!"
"Oh God!"

So, in my quest to say naughty, sexy things to my husband I researched a bit.

What I found out is:
  • Be brave, all dirty talk is cheesy, so just go for it.
  • Guys don't want you to make them swoon...they want basic, candid, language they can understand. 
  • Describe what you are seeing in detail, "ummm...I'm watching your cock disappear inside my pussy and it looks so hot."
  • Start out with sexy text messages like, "damn baby, you fucked me so good last night."

So, correct me if I'm wrong; Men want to feel like men, they want someone to say things like.
  • I love when you kiss me, especially there.
  • It is amazing to feel your strong arms and hard body on top of me. I love your muscles!
  • Use your mouth on me.
  • It makes me crazy when you do that with your tongue
  • Tell me what you want.
  • Your cock feels so good inside me.
  • Fuck me!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Bite Me Baby

What is it about Vampires that we find so alluring?

sexy vampire =] Pictures, Images and Photos

Is it the white skin?
The sharp sexy fangs?
The changing eyes?
The cold skin?
The eternal life?
The danger?
The fact that they don't need to sleep?

Or, do we all imagine that they are perpetually hard?

After seeing Twilight my girlfriends and I pondered the strength of vampire penis. Was it always erect and ready? Or did blood course through his dick like everyone else? When their lover has their period do they get overly excited? Ummmm.....these are the things woman ponder when their are no men around? Yes, we talk periods and eating pussy.

Here are some of the hottest vamps (male and female) in my book.

BradPitt_Louis1.jpg Pictures, Images and Photos

How about the woman? Stunning? Sultry? Sexy?

Sexy Vampire Pictures, Images and Photos

If I forgot any hot vamps, let me know.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sexy, Sulty Bedroom Attire

Sometimes sexy clothes in the bedroom are hot. Being a tad body shy makes me want to hide most of myself but at almost 44, I think it is time to get out of that mid set. Looking back at some of my earlier photos (me at a size 3 or 5) I laugh at how ridiculous I was to worry about my body. My body was slamming and curvy and sexy. My girlfriends envied my flat, muscular belly yet I was body conscience. Now after two babies things have changed. I am less body conscience but still afraid to show too much skin. Magazines showing celebrities and their less than perfect bodies have helped me be less hard on myself. No one is perfect! Even the hottest models worry or stress over their "perfect" bodies.

If I knew than, what I know now, I would have showed a lot more skin. I would have walked around naked. Hell! I had a woman come up to me when I was 27 and say, "If I had your body, my husband would never want to leave for work." It was weird at the time but I will never forget it. It was humbling yet, thrilling to. A comment I will never forget.

Ladies, you are sexy. Your man isn't looking for you to be perfect in bed. He just wants to get you in bed. Give him sex, suck his dick, make him feel like a man and he will love your body. Wear the lingerie you always wanted to wear and you will feel sexy, thrilling and hot. You are fine! Remember that the next time you put on your lingerie and find yourself backing out of the room. He loves your body and all the imperfections, hell, he doesn't even see them!

Head over to Lingerie.Com and get FREE SHIPPING no minimum on U.S. Orders at and get Sexy NOW!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Turn Me On Tuesday

Oh yeah baby....turn me on....

Here is a short list of some of my turn ons

-Telling me how good I taste.
-Kissing my neck.
-Kissing my back when you are holding me from behind
-Hugs! I cannot get enough of them. I love hugging
-The kissing/sex scene from the Notebook.

I would love it, if you joined me every Tuesday and told me what turns you on.

New Top Makes Hubby Happy

You have got to love how easy it is to make men happy. They don't need a weeks worth of party planning, a laundry list of dinner plans, they need a shiny, new top purchased, on sale at Kohl's that shows a little more cleavage than normal.

This picture was sent to him while on Blackberry while he was working. We are married for 13 years and it is still fun to send a photo to him on Blackberry and wait for a reply. 

I think it would make my day at work if someone once in a while would send me a fun photo. My off blog friends would never consider sending a picture like this to their husband. They would feel cheap, silly, foolish. I feel, sexy, lustful and a little bit naughty. Nothing wrong with that right?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

TMI Tuesday #234 - Celeb Edition

This is a really hard question because I am a fantasy slut and I slept with so many celebrities since the age of 12. 

Honestly, any of these guys fall into any of these categories. Come on, seriously. I would fuck and suck all of them but I did my best to break it down for the meme.

Who is one celebrity you would like to:

Cuddle? Any puppy or kitten

Elope with? Robert Pattinson

Love? Josh Holloway

Excite beyond words? Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgard, Gerard Butler

Bang?  Joe Manganiello, aka Alcide,  Manu Bennet, aka Crixus

These guys are all smoking hot in my eyes. All fuckable and worth a weekend of limited sleep.

Stop by TMI Tuesday and tell them what you think, they want to know.

Is This Weird?

I love toon porn.

Seeing some of the cartoons I love having sex seems so hot. I get a little freaked with Homer doing Lisa or Bart doing his mom but everything else is really cool

Why do I find it so hot? Is it the fantasy of it. The guys are always super endowed and everyone gets into amazing positions.

Here are some great sites for free toon porn.
The Toon Porn
All Porn Toons
Cartoon Manics
3D Sex Movies

If it's wrong, I don't want to be right!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Is This Hot Or What?


The original image I had here disappeared. Here is a new image to wet your lips to.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Slam Me Sunday

Ok, yet another meme!

I don't know if it will last but I want to know how you like it. Do you like it rough, gentle, more than one. How do you want to be slammed? If you are the slammer; how would you give it to me right now?

How do I want it at the moment? Let's see...a little bound and nice and slow.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Heaven In Your Hands

Not sure if this is heaven in your hands or not!

My husband is a total breast man. He loves my tits and definitely spends a lot of time touching them. Can't say I blame him because I find myself touching them often too!

What is not to love about tits. They feel good. They are round, squeezable and just look good when on display in a great bra or shirt.

I love looking down at them and just think how feminine they look. When I am out and about I often wonder what would happen if I just picked up my shirt or asked whatever random dude was standing next to me at the register to squeeze them. What would I say? "Excuse me, sir? Would you like to touch my tits?" Excuse me, would you like to cop a feel?" Or maybe just "touch me!"

Would they touch me? Would they give me a dirty look? Would they consider it harassment? What would you do?

Kinda Like Your Sex Life?

WTIT: The Blog scours those on-line dating sites to respond either ladies’ profiles or often their headlines as most of us would really like to do. (You can play this meme with Judd and click on the official The Dating Profile Meme!).

1. I'm divorced 6 years and have no children, and am looking for someone to play with, be friends with and be open to a somewhat committed relationship. You are a loser!

2. I know this is short and sweet, but you really don't know a person until you talk to them. Huh? I have been talking to the same people for 43 years and I still don't know them.

3. I would love to find someone to grow old with. I have been single for a while now it is is getting very lonely. You are a loser. Get a life! Go on vacation, stop waiting for that one person to help you not be lonely. Stop being such a dick and make a friend!

4. I'm one to give long backrubs, massage your feet, or just sit and listen.  Throw in some oral work and you sounds like my kind of guy.

5. I have been on my own for a little over 5 years and actually enjoying it more than I thought I would. Ok, well good on ya mate. What the hell are you on here for?

6. As a born-again Christian, I have quiet time with the Lord every morning and evening.  Great! Pray for me please.

7. Hi dont have a pic today but will tomorrow. I know there is one on my PC just dont know how to get it to come up.  Poor you! One stinking picture, must be a real looker!

8. For beginners I am committed to a healthy and active life style. I work out regularly and watch what I eat. Great...while on your run, pick up a pepperoni pie would ya? Thanks hun!

9. I believe in giving each other the freedom of space and time apart.  Awesome. See ya tomorrow. I have a date tonight.

10. I am looking for a relationship not just a roll in the hay.  Which means what, you can't afford your Viagra?

Sexy Saturday

I love the idea of memes. Where a bunch of people follow a particular theme and visit each other discussing or commenting on said theme.

Hopefully in the future we can have buttons that everyone can copy and post so we are, you know, unified. Until is Sexy Saturday.

Come on over and tell me what you find sexy today. Or maybe you just want to post a sexy picture of yourself. Whatever you choose be sure to link up so I can find you, visit and comment.

Hope to see you soon.


Because I like to play too! Here is what I find sexy today.

The guy in the Zoosk commercial is super hot. Oh my. Jeans, tight abs, no shoes, that is hot!

Talking to my lawn boy yesterday in the rain as he stood there with his shirt off and rain dripping down his chest.

What do you think is sexy today?

Hello Everyone

Hey Sexy!

This is my first post and I wanted to give you a little background as to why I decided to start a blog called Angel's Dirty Thoughts.

I am 43 years old with two kids and a sexy husband who loves her family and friends, loves photography, crafts, writing, reading but I also love sex, erotica, fantasy, sex toys and more.

My husband and I have been married for 13 years this year and together for 19 years. We have an interesting relationship and still love sex and fuck as much as having two kids will allow. We also love role playing and have talked about bringing another person into the bedroom for 13 years.

While it sounds great, I haven't moved forward although I think of it often. What will it change in our relationship? Is our relationship strong enough to withstand any ramifications of this change?

I guess in short, this blog was created, to write about sex, talk about sex, learn more about sex, discuss fantasies and be very, very candid. So, if this is not something you want to read about.....I suggest you take your pretty, little self over to a different type of blog and chat there. If you plan on hanging around, I would love to hear your thoughts on anything relating to sex, relationships, erotica and more.

Hope to talk to you soon.