The Good, The Bad and The Horny

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pieces of Me - Me

It's me well, me behind the mask. Meow!!!! Care to pet this kitty. I do the hands of my husband cover my mouth more often than not. It's a small house, no need to wake the mice.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Pieces of Me - Just a Boob

It was looking rather perky without a bra on in my tan t-shirt so I just had a grab a quick shot! Not bad considering they are 44 years old.

Tomorrow....the eyes have it.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Personal Arsenal

I love my toys! I am a big kid and toys are very important to me which is why I am always surprised when one of my girlfriends say they don't have one, never had one, or that their man don't like them.

First, I don't remember ever not having one. I was 15 and using my electric shaver to get off when everyone else in the house was sleeping. I would pull off the razor part, and the little piece that made the razor move was my personal clit toy. I loved it.

Second, if you never had one, you are missing out honey. Every girl needs a toy. If you don't know your own pussy and what makes it purr, you will never really be able to enjoy sex. Plus, what about all those times you are just horny. You need at least one!

Third and the most important one in my eyes. If a man says he doesn't like toys, he is insecure about his abilities to rock your world. And, who the hell cares if HE doesn't like it. It isn't being used on him (unless he wants it) so...fuck that. I will never understand a woman who will not get herself a toy because he man doesn't like it. I think a lot more woman would be willing to have sex if they knew they were going to cum.

I will NEVER, have NEVER, and plan on NEVER faking an orgasm. However, I have only cum from intercourse two times in my life. It's unfortunate, but true. With that said, I love cumming. Seriously who doesn't. Plus, cumming with a cock inside me is one of the best things in my little world. So, thank God my husband and everyone who came before him were man enough to understand, accept, and use the toys that I pull out of my drawer. My husband has no problem with the toys at all.

Want to see my arsenal of toys?

I'll show you. I've never showed anyone else.

Come on, come with me.

Take my hand...let's go into the bedroom....

Right in this drawer, lets take them out...

ahhhh....there they are...

They only one missing is the one in my car just in case. It is just a little rocket type.

So, which one do you want to use on me?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oh My....And What are you Sporting?

Dirty thoughts abound with the likes of these hotties.

What is it about well built men in jeans with no shirt? I have no idea. Maybe my lusty thoughts started with the Marlboro Man waaayy back in my childhood. I like my men, manly. Plaid shirts, jeans, work boots and musky. No, I'm not saying I like BO. I like the natural clean scent of a MAN! There isn't really a part of me that would be with a woman. Woman are too soft for me as one of my favorite things about a man is the differences in our bodies.

The first thing I notice on a guy is his face. If I find him hot I will take in the whole package, chest, legs, height, etc. However, even if I don't find him hot! I will look at his package anyway. Does he have a bulge? Is his package to the right, left or unseen? If it is unseen that will be the last glance. However, if there is a bulge, I will continue looking.

Knowing that most men, when they talk to you, check out your chest according to my husband, I see nothing wrong with taking a glance. I don't agree with him that all men check out breasts, some are more cool about it than others.

I have polled my friends to see if my interest in bulges is normal, but the last 6 polled say no. They don't notice. Does this make me odd? Am I a freak? Sex addict? No, I think this just makes me very sexual. I seriously want to know what everyone is sporting in their pants. Also, I feel like by looking at a guys face, I can tell what kind of cock he has. It is short, fat, big headed, pink, brown, circumcised?  I think I can tell. Has it been tested yet? No! But, it would be interesting to see how many I could get right.

WOW! Wow! Wow, wonder what this would look like in pants