The Good, The Bad and The Horny

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oh My....And What are you Sporting?

Dirty thoughts abound with the likes of these hotties.

What is it about well built men in jeans with no shirt? I have no idea. Maybe my lusty thoughts started with the Marlboro Man waaayy back in my childhood. I like my men, manly. Plaid shirts, jeans, work boots and musky. No, I'm not saying I like BO. I like the natural clean scent of a MAN! There isn't really a part of me that would be with a woman. Woman are too soft for me as one of my favorite things about a man is the differences in our bodies.

The first thing I notice on a guy is his face. If I find him hot I will take in the whole package, chest, legs, height, etc. However, even if I don't find him hot! I will look at his package anyway. Does he have a bulge? Is his package to the right, left or unseen? If it is unseen that will be the last glance. However, if there is a bulge, I will continue looking.

Knowing that most men, when they talk to you, check out your chest according to my husband, I see nothing wrong with taking a glance. I don't agree with him that all men check out breasts, some are more cool about it than others.

I have polled my friends to see if my interest in bulges is normal, but the last 6 polled say no. They don't notice. Does this make me odd? Am I a freak? Sex addict? No, I think this just makes me very sexual. I seriously want to know what everyone is sporting in their pants. Also, I feel like by looking at a guys face, I can tell what kind of cock he has. It is short, fat, big headed, pink, brown, circumcised?  I think I can tell. Has it been tested yet? No! But, it would be interesting to see how many I could get right.

WOW! Wow! Wow, wonder what this would look like in pants


  1. Keep thinking those dirty thoughts, I love it!

    I do sometimes check out a woman's breasts, but if I'm talking to her, I keep eye contact, it seems to work much better :)

  2. Nothing wrong with you checking out mens packages, I'd be more than happy to catch you stealing a glance my way :)

  3. In the interest of research I asked my wife of many years if she was a 'crotch watcher?' She replied, and this is a quote, "Hell Yes!" I don't mind if she is checking guys and she will point out a nice rack to me should I miss it. All's fair!

  4. These are impressive subjects of male virility... and, certainly appropriate to a lady's blog. Not strangely, I'd put them into a gay category; for lack of female counterparts in the photos.

    This post has me thinking about certain social standards I've not considered before...?

  5. Marcus, Dirty thoughts? I guess they might be but really I want to know what everyone is sporting. Kinda reminding me of a Salt N Pepa song SHOOP. "I wanna know, how does it hang?"

    H, I am a bit demure about it and catch my peeks on the sly but you never just might catch my eye wander. Some things are hard to control, like when I wanna get a peek.

    Ocean Sailor, Well, see I'm not the only one. Package checker, crotch watcher, penil peeper, whatever you wanna call it. I need to check it out.

    PateInduced, Well, babe, consider it. Woman are looking too. We have eyes just like you guys and while we might not be thinking of sex every 7 seconds like you men, we wonder what you might be hiding in those pants. So, position it and know that someone might be checking out your goods. Smile and be proud.

  6. my wife loves cowboys. she will love the top pic. as for the bottom pic, after looking at your arsenal, i wonder if you would handle it or enjoy it. seems big for your taste.