The Good, The Bad and The Horny

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Personal Arsenal

I love my toys! I am a big kid and toys are very important to me which is why I am always surprised when one of my girlfriends say they don't have one, never had one, or that their man don't like them.

First, I don't remember ever not having one. I was 15 and using my electric shaver to get off when everyone else in the house was sleeping. I would pull off the razor part, and the little piece that made the razor move was my personal clit toy. I loved it.

Second, if you never had one, you are missing out honey. Every girl needs a toy. If you don't know your own pussy and what makes it purr, you will never really be able to enjoy sex. Plus, what about all those times you are just horny. You need at least one!

Third and the most important one in my eyes. If a man says he doesn't like toys, he is insecure about his abilities to rock your world. And, who the hell cares if HE doesn't like it. It isn't being used on him (unless he wants it) so...fuck that. I will never understand a woman who will not get herself a toy because he man doesn't like it. I think a lot more woman would be willing to have sex if they knew they were going to cum.

I will NEVER, have NEVER, and plan on NEVER faking an orgasm. However, I have only cum from intercourse two times in my life. It's unfortunate, but true. With that said, I love cumming. Seriously who doesn't. Plus, cumming with a cock inside me is one of the best things in my little world. So, thank God my husband and everyone who came before him were man enough to understand, accept, and use the toys that I pull out of my drawer. My husband has no problem with the toys at all.

Want to see my arsenal of toys?

I'll show you. I've never showed anyone else.

Come on, come with me.

Take my hand...let's go into the bedroom....

Right in this drawer, lets take them out...

ahhhh....there they are...

They only one missing is the one in my car just in case. It is just a little rocket type.

So, which one do you want to use on me?


  1. I'd like to see you use the Tongue Fun, and I'd love to used the double one on you!

  2. Sheen, Nice. The Tongue Fun was a personal favorite for a while. There is a spot to add a lube so you can keep that tongue moist. Has 8 diff speeds and the tongue moves in different ways. So fun.

  3. just the sheer number of toys you have turns me on.... I as a man, I like a woman with an arsenal.

  4. Can I borrow one? Girl, why didn't I know you years ago? Or, my wife know you? Sadly, I learned--shortly ago, and you confirm--after years of disappointment that penetration does not create an orgasm for her. It is a C-R-I-M-E. For both of us.

    Oh, the one between us needs to bear about 60 (+)lbs of pressure. I'd need to engineer something to tolerate that much focused pressure. Or, we are limited for positions.

  5. H, my friends have only heard of my collection but have never seen them. I had more a few months ago but it was time to toss any that weren't used in 10 years.

    Borrow, nah, you don't want to do that. You want to buy her one. The holiday season is right around the corner. Sounds like a great gift idea to me. Start with a bullet and go from there.

  6. to use anyone of those on you would be a pleasure xxx

  7. I like your perspective & it's why I give a lot of sex toys as gifts to girls I like & am friends but not sexually intimate with (yet). lol I'm afraid a lot of girls get into fucking guys when what they really want is just to feel sexy and cumm, themselves. A toy provides the solution without cheapening themselves, becoming desperate, or turning tricks looking for satisfaction that usually never cums.

    Also, as long as you get it new and keep it clean, you won't catch a disease from a toy. Including the one called "pregnancy!" On YOU, I'd like to use the red toy with 3 prongs that looks like the Indiana University logo and also reminds me of the Greek letter "psi" since I'm a PSIchology professor & a member of Psi Chi Fraternity. Hey, u'd be getting it Greek-style as well. ;) XOX

  8. Lovely collection, I would eagerly watch as you used any of them!

  9. nice stuff. i notice you have a DP vibe. how do you like that? i was thinking about one for my wife. her favorite toy is an eroscillator. i is an electric powered clit stimulator. had it for about 13 years and works as good as day one. she loves it, to say the least.