The Good, The Bad and The Horny

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Can I Get Turned On By Surfing?

In a quest to be brutally honest and candid in the blog world I must admit I am not feeling particularly horny right now. Not feeling well so lets do this together. Let's see if I can find pictures or such right now, to get me in the mood.

Ok..bear with me while I surf in real time "post time" for a moment.

Nope...not quite what I was looking for but fun nonetheless

Oh this is hot! The kiss, the surf, the strong sexy arms, his hand on her waist....nice. is semi hot but seriously, is she getting off on his pant leg? If you have a perfectly good guy available for sex, I don't understand wasting time by leaving a snail trail on his jeans. Pull that shit down and get to sucking bitch.

Well now...hey, hey...if my mailman looked like this, I would max out all my cards ordering crap I don't need online just so he would make a delivery every day....btw...I do mean delivery.

Just watched a little free porn on Porn Hub and believe me, it does the trick.

What have you found to turn you on while online? Feel like sharing?


  1. I found your blog, the blog world turns me on.... I love reading comments that my words and pictures make woman wet, that turns me on (and most all porn photos of course)

    How about some naught pics of you, that would really turn me on : )

  2. I kinda like '' that does it for me. I also think that chick is wasting time, she should be getting busy on that cock.

  3. Ok the picture on the beach is my dream! I love the beach and any tropical island with some gorgeous white sand, a lounge chair, a cocktail and most of all a gorgeous, sexy, hot and totally passionate guy right beside me. I would love to be catered to and romanced like that. Oh to dream.........

  4. Is the cold water before or after delivery?