The Good, The Bad and The Horny

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sexy, Sulty Bedroom Attire

Sometimes sexy clothes in the bedroom are hot. Being a tad body shy makes me want to hide most of myself but at almost 44, I think it is time to get out of that mid set. Looking back at some of my earlier photos (me at a size 3 or 5) I laugh at how ridiculous I was to worry about my body. My body was slamming and curvy and sexy. My girlfriends envied my flat, muscular belly yet I was body conscience. Now after two babies things have changed. I am less body conscience but still afraid to show too much skin. Magazines showing celebrities and their less than perfect bodies have helped me be less hard on myself. No one is perfect! Even the hottest models worry or stress over their "perfect" bodies.

If I knew than, what I know now, I would have showed a lot more skin. I would have walked around naked. Hell! I had a woman come up to me when I was 27 and say, "If I had your body, my husband would never want to leave for work." It was weird at the time but I will never forget it. It was humbling yet, thrilling to. A comment I will never forget.

Ladies, you are sexy. Your man isn't looking for you to be perfect in bed. He just wants to get you in bed. Give him sex, suck his dick, make him feel like a man and he will love your body. Wear the lingerie you always wanted to wear and you will feel sexy, thrilling and hot. You are fine! Remember that the next time you put on your lingerie and find yourself backing out of the room. He loves your body and all the imperfections, hell, he doesn't even see them!

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  1. I bet your tits would look GREAT in that 'pink' one.

  2. You think so Dave? Well, ummm,....I might just have to score that sexy little number.

  3. Amen Angel, as a man I don't want perfection, nobody has it anyways, all I want is a woman who likes/wants to suck my dick and lets me play with her wet pussy.

  4. Well,, errr.. ok im a fan of the sexy lingerie. But... my last weekend, with husband, in a motel, no children, and we both fell asleep and he snored all night.. so it wasnt a real winner lol