The Good, The Bad and The Horny

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Top Makes Hubby Happy

You have got to love how easy it is to make men happy. They don't need a weeks worth of party planning, a laundry list of dinner plans, they need a shiny, new top purchased, on sale at Kohl's that shows a little more cleavage than normal.

This picture was sent to him while on Blackberry while he was working. We are married for 13 years and it is still fun to send a photo to him on Blackberry and wait for a reply. 

I think it would make my day at work if someone once in a while would send me a fun photo. My off blog friends would never consider sending a picture like this to their husband. They would feel cheap, silly, foolish. I feel, sexy, lustful and a little bit naughty. Nothing wrong with that right?


  1. Everything is right about that. Me like most men, want the woman they married to be the mother of the their kids in public and a sexy horny slut in the bedroom.

    I would love recieving photos like that from my wife, hell i'd be happy if... (I digress, love your blog)

  2. H, Thanks for the kind words. I agree! That is what I always thought too. Most men want their woman to be demure, good moms, good cooks, polite, loving but get them in the bedroom and they want their sweet loving moms to turn into sex talking, horny, seductresses. I must admit after being a mom all day, sometimes it is hard to transition but thankfully, I am always horny, so it doesn't take much to get in the mood.

  3. Angel, that your alway horny and doesn't take much to get you in the mood, set you above allot of other woman and I think I lust you ;)

  4. H, thanks. Back in the day, BK (before kids) I used to keep a vibrator in the car for my long rides home from work. A little harder to play these days but I still manage.

  5. great pic and idea! M and I still send each other sexy pics after almost 20 years together. Makes the work day, the drive home, and most importantly the thought of sex in our minds so much better. Its important to keep the fire going, and good for you!! We will send u pics anytime :)Great blog! Thanks for stopping by ours!