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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Woo Whooooo I Got My First Ask Me Anything Question

The first question was asked by Ocean Sailor and it is:

You stated in your first post that you and your husband discussed bringing a third person into your bedroom. Was this your idea or his? If yours, how did your broach the subject? If his, how did he broach the subject to you?


I am so glad you asked. The first time that I can remember it most vividly although I am sure it happened before this was on my honeymoon. The water aerobic instructor had a flirty thing going and my husband suggested going down to the bar to see if he was around or something like that. It is over 13 years ago and a lot has happened since than so I don't remember exact details.

In the beginning I thought, maybe he doesn't "really love me" or "is he interested in seeing another guy" because I know most men fantasize about two girls. 

After he explained that he wanted to watch me being pleased and how most guys fantasize about other woman but that I "star in most of his fantasies" I better understood. It was never a turn off because I think most woman dream of this scenario. Although in the past my scenario never included him as one of the guys because, well, that would be reality, I have come to like this play talk that we have in the bedroom. 

So, to answer your question, it was a slow process. It was never really broached, it just sort of came about from his mentioning it. There was a time when he was much younger (we were friends for a long time before we got married) that I was trying to get something going with a friend of his and him but he wasn't interested at the time and I remember a little about that. When I broached it then, the three of us were talking about sex and fantasies when I joked about my two guy thing. The other guy said, he was interested but my hub (who was my friend with benefits at the time) not so much. 

Sex with two guys sounds like a lot of fun. I would love feeling all those hands on my body. If in the right situation and if it just kind of happened, I would definitely jump in.


  1. Thanks for the explanation. It happened ONCE with my wife and a friend, intercourse never occurred but she had four hands and two mouths on her and she enjoyed it. His wife sat and watched and enjoyed the show.

    Now I'm trying to make it happen again.

  2. Where is the "Ask me anything" button?

    BTW, I like your pic.

  3. Ocean,

    I know I answered you on email but here it is again. Sounds like a moment in heaven for any woman.

    PateInduced, Thanks for the comment about my pic! I will throw up another "ask me anything button" just for you.

  4. Oh!! Call me blind... The blinkers are on.

    But Little-Miss-Avatar will get lost in all the del-ish-e-us devilishness to transpire in the next times....?

    Now, my question? Let me contemplate. %)